Spring 2014 Focal Point Online

April 14, 2014

The Spring 2014 Beef Focal Point is now available to view online. Mailed copies should arrive soon – be checking your mail.

Highlights in this Issue: 

  • NEW Spring 2014 Prime Time Special – ends May 20, 2014
  • ABS Customer Spotlight – Davidson Ranch using ABS Sexation semen to rebuild the herd
  • Exciting NEW sires added in Angus, Simmental, and Club Calf


NEW Prime Time Special

April 2, 2014

It’s hard to believe this is already April 2. We know March seemed to move into overdrive for us at ABS. Did March seem to fly by too fast for you, or did winter’s strong hold keep you busy?

While March was an exceptional month, we know some of you may have missed our annual Spring Special. Don’t worry, here is your chance! From now through May 20, you can take advantage of extended special pricing on certain bulls. Don’t forget the annual Proven & Promising also runs through June 27, providing a great opportunity on Rock Solid Proven sires and unique up-and-coming sires with a lot of genetic promise.

If your new to AI or considering starting this year – there has never been a better time consider using AI in the beef cattle industry. AI delivers unprecedented value and return on investment due to better than ever proven genetics for performance and efficiency, combined with all-time high values for that production.  In addition, AI delivers that value at prices that are significantly less than it currently costs to buy and maintain natural service sires.

Talk to an ABS Professional today to see how our Pasture to Plate Genetics can benefit you.

ABS Prime Time Special 2014

Printable Prime Time Special PDF

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Bull Session Q & A

March 24, 2014

How’s calving season going in your area? Are you done or just getting started? ABS always enjoys calving season – seeing the year’s efforts pay off, but also knowing that breeding season soon follows! We know spring is a busy time on the ranch with lots to do.

One very important task is deciding mating decisions for next year’s calf crop. Many consider this planning the deciding factor in the next year’s profit margins – genetics are a key component. Most recently, several agricultural economists and specialists have spoken of the unique opportunity for profit in the cow-calf sector and beef cattle industry.  Are you capitalizing on the benefits profit-proven genetics can provide?

We want to make sure you have all the information needed when making breeding decisions this year. If you enjoyed our previous Q & A session over synchronization with Dr. Cliff Lamb,  we are doing it again! Only this time, we will answer your bull questions. Maybe you want to know about a new sires’ first calf crop reports, or the best pedigree match-ups on a sire, or which sires best fit your production goals – whatever your questions, we’ll do our best to answer!  Here is your chance to get the experts at ABS to answer your questions on matings and bull selection.  

Simply submit your questions to abs.beef@genusplc.com and we’ll answer them. We will reply here on the blog, grouping questions and answers over several posts. The first post will go up Wednesday, April 2nd. So get your questions ready and email them in.

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