Angus Calf Reports from Todd Sears

SITZ DIMENSION 8607    “More moderate than Upwards with a touch more rib and much better tailhead set.  He does appear to sire a fair bit of muscle.  Good growth cattle with some substance to them.”

MYTTY IN FOCUS    “Continues to be a sire that really offers a lot to customers.  Overall salability of the cattle and their kind will keep him on the list of bulls to use.  The great disposition is really noticed on them when you see them used to make SimAngus bulls, pretty easy sell on that alone.”

CONNEALY IMPRESSION    “Use him for a touch more frame, excellent length of body and performance.  Sons are well received and he will be on a lot of short lists this spring.”

LCC NEW STANDARD    “Had the opportunity to see several nice sons.  Makes excellent calving ease bulls with lots of growth.  Bull sell quite easily.”

GAR-EGL PROTEGE  “Makes them very soggy with rib and muscle.  They appear to flesh very easy like Protegé.”

CAR EFFICIENT 534    “Sons will lead off a lot of sales again this year.  From what I see, they appear to be average to slightly above average for frame.  Customers seem to really like the growth and attractiveness of the cattle.”

SHIPWHEEL CHINOOK    “He is doing a very nice job for a +15 CED bull.  His sons appear to be moderate with excellent capacity and more muscle than you would expect.  I expect they will sell quite nicely this spring.”

DUFF STANDOUT 785    “Have seen a few calves, but they have the muscle shape and capacity you would expect in a more moderate growth package.  Birth weights are not extreme but would work best on cows.”

OSU CURRENCY 8173    “I think this young sire is a big time winner.  He sires a bunch of eye appeal in his progeny with extra length along with plenty of rib and muscle.  His unique pedigree is really right for today and if breeders are looking for a little phenotype they will be very happy.”    VIDEO of CURRENCY

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Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager

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