Red Angus Calf Reports from Todd Sears

NSFR GRETZKY W9    “No calves yet, but I had the opportunity to see his dam again last week, she is very deep bodied and powerful with a nice udder.  His full sister was close to calving and appears she will be a moderate sized cow with rib, muscle and a fancy udder.”

FRENZEL KEYSTONE 856  “I truly think this will be a bull a lot of people may miss in the breed.  While he may not be an extreme power sire, I think long-term the daughters will work very well for purebred producers and commercial cattlemen alike.  Dam and Granddam are impressive cows with loads of body.  Maybe the best sire we have to make deep, dark red cattle.”

OHRR DAKOTA COPPER 29K  “Still a great sire for phenotype.  Cows are really foundation type of cattle, you will start to see them appear on the bottom of a lot of top end cattle as they become mature females.  Old bull but still looks good at 11 1/2 on the ranch.”

BHR GOLDEN BOY 453B  “Different pedigree with really usable cattle.  Medium sized with rib.  A real steady performer.”

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Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager

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