Simmental Calf Reports from Todd Sears

WS BEEF MAKER R13  “Maybe the most consistent and complete bulls in the breed – red or black.  He consistently makes cattle that are well accepted and useful.  His average on making all around good progeny is outstanding.  Great everyday kind of bull.”

DIKEMANS SURE BET  “In the last week I have seen a few calves that were or will be the sale features in their respective sales.  He will add more muscle and capacity than you would expect in a pretty moderate package.  EPDs will be very good on almost anything you mate him to.”

NLC SUPERIOR W905  “Absolutely love the cattle for their power, stoutness and muscle.  He does add some front but hard to make them this powerful and stout without it.  Daughters have done and excellent job with great udders.”

TNT DUAL FOCUS T249  “Soft, deep, moderate.  I think long-term he will have a huge impact on the cattle industry as in my mind this is what SimAngus cattle should be.  Not the highest performers in the herds but daughters will work extremely well.  Will continue to be standard for SimAngus.”

LCHMN BRIGHT LIGHT L122L HOOSIER  “He may not be a bull for everyone but if you need muscle and rib in a calving ease package – he flat-out works.  People who see the cattle tend to really like them, he will be a strong contributor to the top and bottomside of pedigrees the next few years as he offers a little different pedigree for red or black cattle.”

Click HERE to view current sire listing and EPDs

Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager

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