Calf Reports from Todd Sears

RED CROWFOOT OLE’S OSCAR – 29AR0225    “I continue to really like these cattle for their overall kind.  May not be the highest performing, but are put together really well in an attractive package.  Relative to the birth weight, I think they have good muscle and shape with enough rib.  Feddes’ and C-T’s sale in Montana had two outstanding sons that sold well in a strong set of bulls. ”

BECKTON NEBULA M045 – 29AR031 –   “The bull offers tremendous calving ease and moderation.  5L Red Angus sold several high sellers with more muscle than expected from a -7 BW bull.  These bulls had added muscle, length and eye appeal.”

ELLINGSON DOMINATOR W905  – 29SM0422 – “Early calf reports show a lot of muscle and length of body.  Birth weights appear to be moderate and in line with what you expect from his -0.4 BW EPD.”  Click HERE for video of DOMINATOR

Click HERE to view current sire listing and EPDs

Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager


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