ABS Brazil Beef Product Manager Visits North America

Vasco Beheregaray Neto, ABS Beef Product Manager for Brazil recently spent time here in North America touring ranches, feedlots and ABS headquarters.

Supporting Global Beef  Demand is a high priority for ABS Global, Inc.  The ABS Beef Team enjoys gaining valuable perspective from individuals such as Vasco and learning how we can help serve international demands.

While visiting, Vasco stopped by several ranches to see first hand how ABS sired progeny are doing.  Below are an assortment of snapshots taken by Vasco during his travels.  For more information on ABS bulls, please contact 1-800-ABS-STUD (800-227-7883) or beef@absglobal.com.

29AN1750 CHINOOK son at Spickler Ranch, ND

29AN1745 DIMENSION son at Ellingson Angus, ND

29AN1745 DIMENSION son at Ellingson Angus, ND

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