29AN1807 UPSHOT Now Available

ABS now has semen available on EXAR UPSHOT 0562B


The Most Talked About Bull at the 2011 National Western Stock Show

  • Headliner of the Express Ranches Champion Carload
  • Potentially Upward’s all-time best son considering his performance, genomic profile and overall EPD package
  • Unique pedigree ranking in the top 1% of the breed for YW, Milk, $Feedlot and $Beef
  • Individual ratios of 117 WW, 117 YW, 110 IMF & 108 RE
  • Igenity profile scores of 8 CW, 9 MARB, 7 REA & 7 FAT

2011 Champion Angus Carload - Express Angus Ranches, OK

Click HERE to view current sire listing and EPDs 

2 Responses to 29AN1807 UPSHOT Now Available

  1. Parker Friedrich says:

    One of the most exciting Angus bulls to surface in quite sometime in the Angus World! This bull will make history!

  2. john toledo says:

    Saw him last Friday at Origen, nice looking bull,
    stout made, has a good look about him.

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