ABS Bulls Hold Strong in Hereford Registrations

The ABS Hereford lineup continues to capture strong demand with Hereford breeders.  ABS sires hold 4 of the top 10 spots for 2010 registrations.

29HP0906 RIB EYE

Maintaining the #2 spot for the second year in a row is 29HP0906 SHF RIB EYE M326 R117.  Cattlemen love using RIB EYE to add lots of pigment, muscle, rib and eye appeal.  He continues to sire solid cattle that see high demand and command premiums in the sale ring across the country.  Look to RIB EYE for a “no holes” EPD profile with highly profitable genetics and added phenotype.


29HH0835 CJH HARLAND 408, leader in registrations for 2009, holds strong at the #4 spot for 2010 and is still the #1 horned bull for registrations.  HARLAND maintains strong demand for his “Rock Solid” unique multi-trait functionality, ranking in the top 5% of the breed or better for 10 traits including all 4 $ Indexes.  With HARLAND’s proven curve bender genetics and the salability of his progeny, look for him to sustain strong influence in the Hereford breed.

29HH0838 DOMINO 3027

Making another repeat top 10 performance in the #9 spot is 29HH0838 UPS DOMINO 3027.  An elite calving ease and maternal sire with strong performance and carcass genetics, it is no surprise DOMINO 3027 makes it into the top 10 list again.  Not only does DOMINO 3027 sire great registered females with fantastic utter quality, but the same reputation has earned him a top spot among commercial cattlemen alike reining #1 in spring sales for non Angus bulls at ABS.  Use DOMINO 3027 for sure bet calving ease, added maternal influence who also transmits added SC, fleshing ability, milk and carcass quality.


Emerging on the list for the first time is 29HH0837 CHURCHILL YANKEE ET at #10.  This may be YANKEE’s first appearance in the top 10 list, but comes as no surprise given his reputation for moderate birth weight with added performance and off the charts carcass merit ranking in the top 1% for CHB Index and Marbling.  His powerful progeny that are stout, soggy and attractive only add to his popularity with breeders.  Look to YANKEE to add phenotype and carcass merit in a moderate package.

ABS is committed to offering the highest quality and most diverse lineup of Hereford Genetics available.  Contact your local ABS Representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD to discuss any of these or other Hereford bulls in the ABS lineup.

Click HERE to view current sire listing and EPDs

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