ABS Hosts South American U.S. Beef Tour

ABS hosted 18 elite individuals from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay on an extensive 9-day tour in the Southern U.S.

The Tour Group at Evans Farms in Stephenville, TX

Comprised of veterinarians, ABS customers and representatives, the group covered over 2400 miles visiting ranches, feedlots, The Red Angus Association of America and a packing plant.

Black Baldy Cattle in Feedlot in Kansas

The purpose of the tour was to better understand the value of proven genetics and the importance of EPDs for sire selection.

Tour Group at Hereford ranch in Kansas

Visiting ranches that are genetic suppliers to ABS Global provided insight of the U.S. production system involving the whole supply chain.

Donnell Brown, R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, TX, visits with one of the tour guests about genetics

The tour took advantage of an all-encompassing Pasture to Plate™ beef industry supply system.  They gained valuable knowledge first hand from seedstock producers, commercial feedyards, packing plants and restaurants.

Vasco Neto, ABS Brazil Beef Product Manager, had this to say in regards to the tour. “It was a great tour where we covered lots of miles and had a chance to see really good cattle despite of the drought conditions affecting the region. There are a lot of contrasts not only about the environment but also the philosophy of cattle selection. Travel group was very participative and had lots of inquiries in each cattle stop. With no exception, the ABS group had a very warm reception in all cattle ranches.”

A few members of the tour discuss feedlot operation differences in the U.S. and South America

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