DREAM ON is this week’s “Name that Bull” Answer

This week’s “Name that Beef Bull” Quiz Game; Simmental bull is one of the heaviest used sires in the breed, ranking #1 for registrations for the last 4 years and still sires show winners and sale toppers all over. Can you guess the name of this bull?  –  29SM0373 CNS DREAM ON L186

  • DREAM ON has been the heaviest used sire in the breed for the last 4 years, and he continues to be the sire of choice for both the show ring and sale toppers.  Known for the exceptional phenotype his progeny exhibit combined with profit generating EPDs his legacy is well established in the Simmental breed.  To date, DREAM ON has over 500 Simmental progeny registered.
  • This now deceased sire will continue to have an impact on the Simmental breed for years to come.  With the latest Simmental Sire Evaluation, DREAM ON still boasts rankings in the top 20% of the breed or better for 8 economically important traits; including top 3% for both API and TI respectively.  Given the marketability of his progeny, his top ranking CED and strong phenotype it is obvious why DREAM ON continues to be the “go to” sire of choice for Simmental breeders.


Owned by: Janssen Farms LLC, IA; Chris Schick, IL; & Parke Livestock Enterprises, KY

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