ABS Global now has semen on UNSTOPPABLE

You can now order UNSTOPPABLE through your local ABS Representative.


  • Monopoly x Witch Doctor x Habanero
  • 50% Maine Anjou  (AMAA 415419)

Click HERE to view current sire listing.

To order contact your local ABS Representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD(800-227-7883).

14 Responses to ABS Global now has semen on UNSTOPPABLE

  1. David Airy says:

    tell us about the breeder and the bull’s cow family…birth weight and weaning weight

    • ABS Beef says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your questions. ABS doesn’t own any of the club calf bulls so I can tell you the bull is owned and marketed by Lautner Farms in Iowa, but do not know who the breeder is. In regards to pedigree, the only information we have is Monopoly x Witch Doctor x Habanero as listed (these would be well known club calf sires and their pedigrees go back to Power Plant and Pistol Pete). The bull was born in March 2010 weighing 84 pounds but typically performance records are not kept or used for club calf bulls so we have no weaning data. Thanks.

  2. Robert Zerebeski says:

    Is monopoly,thriller,alias,and sunseeker semen available In Saskatchewan Canada through ABS global (Local ABS rep.)
    And if so what is the price for each.

  3. Heidi Petersen says:

    They will be getting semen in Canada soon on Monopoly.

  4. ace says:

    Thanks for getting monopoly into Canada ,will have a good number of calves on the ground by this time next year.

  5. Ace says:

    I am looking for a Angus bull in the 2012 ABS catalog by the name of GAR-EGL Protege, can someone point me in the right direction to track down about ten straws for a July first breeding date.
    I am located in saskatchewan Canada, and am looking forward to the monopoly calves,and other AI calves from hard to come by sires up here in Canada.

  6. Ace says:

    Is there a deal on In Focus semen in Canada that ends June 2012?
    Called rep for ABS in our area and was told the bull was still worth $50 .?

    • ABS Beef says:


      There are no specials for In Focus in Canada. The specials posted here are US only. In Focus is currently priced at $50. Thanks for your interest.

  7. Ace says:

    Have used close to 100 straws of infocus and did not even get volume discount but still paid the fifty bucks a straw.
    Why don’t the Canadian ABS rep’s give volume discounts?
    Will be using another 25 straws this year since we are getting to have quite a bit of infocus bulls(39 bulls) in the heard, I think they are great ,but don’t want to line breed Infocus, so next year will be looking for another bull for next year.
    By the way we test all bulls for the leptin gene and all our infocus bulls test positive!

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