Red Angus Calf Reports from Todd Sears

Beckton NEBULA M045   “The NEBULA line is quickly becoming the outcross calving ease line for the Red Angus breed.  Don’t pass up the chance utilize elite calving ease and low maintenance genetics.  His unique pedigree, excellent daughters and increased carcass merit appeal to numerous breeders.”

Brown-CH ASSURANCE 3567S   “ASSURANCE was on display this week at R.A. Brown’s sale and garnered a lot of attention.  This is a very moderate sire with great length of spine, added muscle and very sound footed.  Several of his sons in the sale offering also exhibited his length and added muscle – he passes these traits along very well. ”

Brown COMMITMENT S7206   “Another sire who’s sons sold well at R.A. Brown’s sale.  COMMITMENT offers low birth weight and high growth in a very attractive package.  This a sire with very limited semen supply left but offers tremendous potential for breeders.”

McPhee PACIFIC PRIDE 4127   “If you need performance in a larger package, PACIFIC PRIDE gets the job done well.  Sons are attractive and sell well.”

Click HERE to view complete sire listing and EPDs.

Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager

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