NEW Simmental Bulls Now Available

ABS now has semen on 29SM0432 TRAXS RUSHMORE X103


The Freedom to Make Females… and Bulls

  • DNA tested homozygous polled
  • Unique pedigree of FREEDOM x HOOSIER makes him a great mating on BEEF MAKER, Gunner and nearly every other red pedigree
  • High performance, muscle, capacity and power
  • The best overall FREEDOM son to surface for moderate birth weight, performance, phenotype and pedigree


ABS now has semen on 29SM0430 CCR TRIBUTE 4078X


ConTRIBUTING to the Future of the Breed

  • Homozygous black, homozygous polled
  • Stout, attractive, super sound, wide based and heavy muscled
  • Big time carcass potential – 117 Marb ratio, 115 REA ratio
  • Backed by a top cow family at Cow Camp Ranch

Click HERE to watch video of TRIBUTE

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available here.

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