Angus Bull Report and Updates

29AN1751 BRILLIANCE – “Look for his sons and daughters to be well received by cattleman all over.  Progeny are extremely fancy in their type and kind – easy to pick out in a herd.  A strong double digit, high accuracy, calving ease option with muscle and rib in his calves.  With his progeny’s added style and look, expect to see high demand in the coming sale season.”

29AN1779 FRONTMAN – “His sons are rising to the top of several sale orders early this spring.  Frontman calves have a lot of muscle and guts with a nice look.  Improves structure, moderates frame and keeps some mass in his calves.”

29AN1642 IMAGE MAKER – “Sons continue to see high demand at bull sales, including recent top sellers at Mohnen Angus in SD.  Excellent source for low birth and high growth genetics.”

29AN1704 EFFICIENT – “Proven calving ease with a flexible pedigree that works time and time again.  Sons are attractive.  Efficient is similar to IN FOCUS from BW to YW growth while also improving DOC and SC.”

29AN1745 DIMENSION – “Still an excellent source to add muscle, scrotal circumference and performance.”

29AN1768 BRAVE – “Progeny are gaining momentum fast.  Sons are moderate with excellent capacity, extra muscle and soft in their makeup.  Maternal influence will be highly sought after. ”

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Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS International Marketing Manager

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