Exciting NEW Simmental Sires at ABS!

ABS is proud to announce these stimulating, young Simmental Sires to the lineup!

NEW RELEASE! Available as of April 9, 2012

29SM0439 DDR-RAB DESTINED X8516; ASA2550366


Destined for Greatness

  • DNA tested homozygous black, homzygous polled
  • Powerhouse SimAngus offer a 25% Simmental and 75% Angus pedigree for situations requiring more Angus influence
  • Very moderate, huge capacity, tons of muscle and power in a very sound and functional package
  • Offers one of the really top EPD combinations available being in the top 5% or better of SimAngus bulls for WW, YW, MMW, CW, MARB, REA and TI
  • Outstanding individual that will appeal to all segments of the beef chain

NEW ACQUISITION! Release date scheduled April 20, 2012

29SM0440 GW PARAMOUNT 718Y; ASA 2605931


Genetics of PARAMOUNT Proportion

  • Homozygous black, polled
  • Lot 1 at Gateway Simmental
  • Stacks 2 of the great high API sires in one pedigree
  • No holes bull with +16 CED, top 15% of the breed for YW, top 3% for Marbling, top 1% for REA
  • Off the charts API and TI, both are top 1% of breed
  • Big capacity bull with a ton of rib

NEW ACQUISITIONS! Release date scheduled first week of May 2012 (for following sires)

29SM0441 TNT PUNCH Y260; ASA 2625005

29SM0441 PUNCH

SimAngus Excellence

  • Homozygous black, homozygous polled
  • 5/8 Simmental 3/8 Angus standout in the 2012 TNT Simmental Sale
  • Dam is an outstanding Bennett Total x 004 x 600U going back to the famed Tizzy Cow
  • Super complete, attractive with added muscle and volume
  • Should sire excellent daughters and calves that perform

29SM0442 TRAXS VELOCITY Y7; ASA 2624432


Super Phenotype and EPDs

  • Homozygous black, homozygous polled
  • Ranks in the top 2% of the breed for API and TI
  • Excellent eye appeal, muscle, capacity and structure
  • Offers excellent CW with Outstanding performance
  • Pedigree should make excellent commercial females and feeder calves

29SM0444 GW  COMFORT ZONE  651Y; ASA 2605948


Legitimate Candidate to Replace his Legendary Maternal and CE sire ‘OLIE’

  • Homozygous black, polled
  • Off the charts top 1% of breed for both CED and BW
  • Carcass superiority, top 1% for MARB and top 5% for REA
  • Unparalleled top 1% of the breed for API and TI
  • Moderate framed, deep bodied, clean fronted, purebred bull

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here

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