Emerging Leader: 29AN1774 COMPLEMENT

COMPLEMENT may be a young sire but he is already seeing high demand in the ABS Angus lineup.  His progeny are doing everything right and keep improving his already impressive EPDs, not to mention the added phenotype he offers!  NEW PHOTO!


154 Calves Ratioing 98 for BW, 101 WW, 101 YW, 101 REA and 104 for IMF

“This is a bull I really like, the calves are light at birth with good growth to yearling.  COMPLEMENT’s calves are attractive with a square hip and extra body, meat and muscle.  The cattle are moderate and will fit well with a lot of breeders.”

“As a young sire, COMPLEMENT reminds me a lot physically of his maternal sire that is no longer available.  He’s moderate, easy fleshing and heavy muscled.  I’m really looking forward to what his daughters will offer maternally, as most breeders really liked the Franchise daughters in production.”

Be sure to watch COMPLEMENT’s video here.

And for being loyal followers, ABS is going to give you a sneak peek at a part of an upcoming ad featuring COMPLEMENT with breeder testimonial!

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here

Provided by: Doug Frank, ABS Beef Product Manager and Parker Friedrich, Sire Acquisition Specialist

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