29AN1757 PROGRAM Progeny Deliver Results

As PROGRAM’s popularity continues to rise, his calf reports also continue to impress.  Currently ranking #7 in sales for ABS in the Angus lineup, it’s clear breeders across the country like what they see in the PROGRAM sired cattle too.


Breeders can use PROGRAM with confidence as a Rock Solid multi-trait leader.  His combination of low birth weight, high growth and REA easily sort him to the top of many breeder’s lists.  Combine this with his top ranked Docility EPD and maternal daughters in production; PROGRAM is becoming an all around “go to” sire for sons that sort to the top of any sale list and females that have a long future in production.  His daughters are proving to be excellent dams with nice udders and the kind of females who will have some longevity to them.

Watch video of PROGRAM here.

  • Recent 3rd high selling son at Hinman Angus, MT for $13,000
  • Over 1800 progeny with ratios of 100 for BW, 101 WW, 102 YW, 101 IMF and 102 for REA
  • Has over 200 daughters in production with a 101 Milk ratio

PROGRAM x Milk River Alliance 2600, HA Program 1606, Hinman Angus, MT

3 yr. old PROGRAM daughter just before calving at Hinman Angus

Complete Sires Listing and EPDs Available Here

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