First BLUESTEM Progeny Calve Easy!

Limited initial progeny data are backing up BLUESTEM’s Calving Ease and low Birth Weight status.

“The fall born BLUESTEM calves are coming off cows now and look great! They have a very big, square hip, he makes them jet black, they have extra depth of rear quarter, have plenty of rib, are longer necked and they excel in breed characteristics and style. We are seeing the same thing in the spring babies around the country. The bull just stamps them! This could be the most unique Net Worth son yet, same muscle and power as his sire with a whole lot more calving ease and phenotype! Get on-board now, this is one good sire that is not just a muscle and phenotype bull, he will add carcass merit as well.”


The latest Angus EPD update has BLUESTEM improving to +13 CED

BW has dropped to -0.1

BLUESTEM x Basin Ext N190, Buford Camilla 516Y, Buford Ranches LLC, OK

Watch Video of BLUESTEM here

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here

Provided by: Parker Friedrich, ABS Beef Sire Acquisition Specialist

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