ABS Sires Have Strong Influence in the KAA Carcass Data Project

The Kansas Angus Association recently announced the winners to their annual Carcass Data Project (CDP).  Kansas Angus is the only state Angus association to hold a CDP, and partnering with Certified Angus Beef® (CAB), the contest has grown over the years.  

79 registered Angus sired steers entered the CDP in late December 2011 at McPherson County Feeders in Marquette.  About half the group was sired by an ABS bull or ABS bred son.  The group posted 93% Choice and 47% CAB® acceptance.

Final standings were based on the top 3 calves by one owner; factoring gain, marbling and CAB® acceptance to determine winners.

1st Place – Thomas Klausmeyer, Klausmeyer K3 Angus, Conway Springs.  5/8 Klausmeyer calves were ABS bred, including sires EXTRA K205, IN FOCUS, DR J ANALYST, and an OBJECTIVE son.  

2nd Place – Terry Hobbs, Hobbs Ranch, Penokee.  All 10 entries of Hobbs Ranch were sired by NEW LEVEL.

3rd Place (tie) – Jeff Klausmeyer, Klausmeyer K3 Angus, Clearwater.  Klausmeyer entered 2 steers sired by an OBJECTIVE son.

3rd Place (tie) – Dean Larson, Tescott.  All 5 entries sired by a WAVE son.

Topping the ADG of all sire groups was Nemaha Valley Angus, Bern with 4.26 ADG on 14 head.  11 of the steers were ABS sired including CONNECTION, LEAD ON and OBJECTIVE.

ABS congratulates these winners on their accomplishments and is proud to provide our customers with genetics that deliver from Pasture to Plate.

Special thanks to Anne Lampe, Kansas Angus Association, for providing the information. If you’re a member if KAA and want to learn more or enter, please contact http://www.kansasangus.org/

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here

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