29AN1845 NEW ERA Now Available

Improving feed efficiency and feedlot performance has never been more relevant or talked about in the beef industry.

ABS is excited to release Ironwood NEW ERA 1560  

29AN1845 NEW ERA

Potential Game Changer for Efficiency

Unique bull combining nearly 30 years of documented and focused selection for feed efficiency with truly remarkable individual intake and gain data

Dominated on test gaining 50% more than his contemporaries with 13% less intake (5.56 ADG and -5.60 RFI)

Posted an incredible adjusted Feed:Grain ratio of 2.229:1

Strong overall performance with 119 WW ratio, 120 YW, 109 IMF, 104 REA and 74 Rib Fat ratio

Dam has been rock solid with 4 BR 101, 3 YR 109, 3 IMF at 120 and calving interval of 4 @ 351 days

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here

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