2012 National Angus Conference & Tour Highlights

The 2012 “Come Home to Kansas” National Angus Conference and Tour was held October 3-5.  The annual event is put on by the American Angus Association and Angus Foundation with help from the host state association.

Photo taken and provided by Anne Lampe, Kansas Angus Association

The 3 day meetings and tours feature keynote industry speakers and tours in the area for attendees.  It’s a great event that allows breeders from all over to come together for a few days to learn, socialize and see great cattle.  Several of the tour stops featured ABS sired progeny on display.  Highlights of the calves follow.

  • HOOVER DAM – sires moderation in an attractive package, very consistent in his calf crop, high appeal and great style
  • BRILLIANCE – sires calving ease in an attractive pattern, progeny on display at several stops, easily a go to bull for calving ease with added look
  • IMPRESSION – growth and muscle in a great package
  • COMPLETE – sires broody females and bull calves with stoutness and muscle shape, progeny easily catch attention
  • FRONTMAN – bone and substance in a calving ease package, excellent feet and legs, works on numerous pedigrees and progeny are attractive
  • FINAL PRODUCT – calves have excellent phenotype with great EPD package
  • LEAD ON – producers have gone back to use him again, great foundation for females and heifer pregnancy EPD
  • 3F EMBLAZON – cattle are moderatee, deep ribbed, daughters have perfect udder
  • RITO 6EM3 – his calves have an unmatched phenotype in a moderate package
  • PROGRESSION – a new sire for ABS but saw really nice spring calving heifers on display just out of pasture at Gardiner Angus Ranch, a young sire with a lot of excitement and bright future
  • Nemaha Valley Angus, served as a tour stop with an impressive display of INFINITY bull and heifer calves on display with their awesome dams sired by ABS bulls.
Provided by Sandra Levering, ABS District Business Manager for Kansas

Photo taken and provided by Carrie Heitman, American Angus Association

ABS is grateful for the hard work of everyone involved in putting together a great event!  From the organization and planning to the gracious hosts and donors that make it possible – thank you for a job well done!  For more information and a complete look at the 2012 tour, visit http://www.nationalangusconference.com/2012nationalconference/index.html

Photo taken and provided by Anne Lampe, Kansas Angus Association

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs

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