A NEW ERA for Efficiency

Feed efficiency and feedlot performance are key issues in the beef industry.  With this year’s trends in rising costs and specifically the drought, feed prices rise to the top for most producers.  ABS has a long standing commitment to feed efficiency genetics through their partnership with Circle A Ranch and the Angus Sire Alliance Program.  For over 14 years, ABS sires have been evaluated for intake and gain data for feed efficiency.

This spring ABS acquired NEW ERA to continue down the path of feed efficient genetics.  NEW ERA comes from a program backed by 30 years of testing and selection for intake and efficiency.  His individual performance on test was off the charts, gaining 50% more than his contemporaries, while consuming 13% less feed and posting and adjusted feed-to-gain ratio of nearly 2.29-to-1.

In honor of NEW ERA’s feed to gain ratio of just over two pounds of feed for one pound of gain, ABS is offering this introductory 2-for-1 pricing on NEW ERA!

Complete sire listing and EPDs

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