Highlights from Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium

Each year, the Beef Reproduction Task Force and Beef Reproduction Leadership Team hold conference proceedings to present the latest research and value of synchronization in beef cattle.  Complete list of topics, speakers and summaries can be found here on the ARSBC News Room website.

ABS Global strongly believes in the value of synchronization for beef cattle production and profitability.  A summary of key topics and take home messages from our Beef Team members follow.

Provided by Dwight Williams, ABS Beef Business Development Manager:

  • The ever-lasting application of the Equation of Reproduction and how it can serve as a guide to reproductive success
  • The economic advantages to having 50% + of your females pregnant on day 1 of the breeding season with fixed-time AI
  • The fact that “timing of insemination” can actually scare producers away from AI
  • The greater use of fixed-time AI truly allows for professional people to be involved to assure compliance and insemination expertise creating pregnancies
  • Blood and milk progesterone pregnancy testing is becoming ever more applicable, not just in dairy, but beef as well to potentially allow for greater opportunity for more than 1 AI service for beef females before turning out a bull

Provided by Merlyn Sandbulte, ABS District Business Manger:

  • The economics of genetics  combined with the use of reproductive tools is too overwhelming to ignore
  • The obstacle is no longer economics but uptake and acceptance of the technology
  • We have the people to solve the obstacles of time, labor and facilities; but must bridge the acceptance gap with the proven economic advantages
  • The use of progesterone testing and ultrasound pregnancy testing by technicians allow for quicker identification of open females.  This allows for quicker re-synchronization and/or re-insemination and possibly the elimination of bulls for some situations.  Eliminating the need for cleanup bulls in some situations alone provides enough economic incentive at today’s bull prices.

Provided by Larry Rowden, ABS District Business Manger:

  • The continued evidence that early calving cows are more profitable and more likely to breed back.
  • Using reproductive technologies such as synchronization and AI to proven calving ease sires can help make certain that heifers calve early in the calving season with a minimum of difficulty.
  • Cliff Lamb presented information that shows the use of synchronization and fixed-time AI creates a positive economic impact by increasing weaning rate and weaning weight.

Provided by Todd Sears, ABS Beef AI Sales Director:

  • Managing reproduction is vital to profitability of an operation.  It sets a producer up to be profitable and gain value in calf crop.  Managing reproduction is a critical control point.
  • Heifer synchronization and AI positions her for lifetime success – synchronization of heifers should be a standard practice in today’s market.
  • Synchronization, regardless of natural service or AI needs to be on the list of common management practices for any operation.  The advantages far exceed all other possible gains.  Improved genetics through use of proven AI sires is an added benefit.
  • There are extremely effective and proven technologies for use in synchronization and AI systems today.  The use and uptake of these tools remains limited – as an industry must improve adaption.

The symposium is also the launching grounds for the coming year’s approved beef cattle synchronization protocols, found here.

ABS offers expert knowledge to match synchronization systems to best fit your specific needs. You can confidently look to ABS Professionals to assist and help meet your operations’ needs at any herd size.  Contact ABS today to discuss options for your herd.

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  1. mark moran says:

    i need heip to purchase straws and i need information on the procedure

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