ABS’ Rock Solid Proven Sires Can Boost the Bottom Line

Do you follow Certified Angus Beef’s Black Inc. Blog?  This week the blog featured a post regarding the current market trends toward selling more cattle on a grid system – which often reward better genetics.

“This is a clear signal the industry is moving away from pricing on averages, and instead pricing cattle on their individual merits.” – Mark McCully

Read full post here.

If the idea of better profits and a better calf crop have you intrigued,  ABS can help identify Rock Solid Proven Sires to help achieve grid premiums.  

In addition to our Rock Solid Sires, ABS’ exclusive Angus Sire Alliance data can help identify superior genetics, proven to excel in commercial settings.   Since 1996 ABS Global and Circle A Ranch have produced the most thorough progeny test program in the industry.  The progeny of selected ABS Angus Sires are measured from birth to harvest in real world commercial conditions for economically driven selection indexes.

Each year ABS releases Sire Alliance Graduates for Total Profit Index, Proven Tender Genetics, Feed Efficiency Leaders, and new this year, Maternal Profit Index. (Found on pages 28-29 in the Spring 2013 Sire Directory).  Several of these sires’ progeny see high demand for both commercial and purebred cattlemen.  Take some of the risk out of your mating decisions by utilizing proven sires and make the most of the genetic gain.

Fall 2012 Angus Sire Alliance Feed Efficiency Sires

Fall 2012 Angus Sire Alliance Feed Efficiency Sires

Are you maximizing your herd’s genetic potential?

Learn more about ABS’ Angus Sire Alliance here.

Optimize your results by using trained, professional, full service ABS Representatives and Genetics.

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