COMPLEMENT and POTENCY Calves at Evans Farm

I had the opportunity to stop by Evans Angus Farm, Proctor, Texas this week. I took some notes and pictures of the cattle and have added my thoughts.

29AN1818 POTENCY – Calves were really consistent.  He gives a nice look with softness and fleshing ability.  Calves were slick haired, deep sided with extra rib, and fluid in their movement. Daughters were clean fronted with good extension and sons were above average for muscle and stoutness. The Pioneer bred cattle continue to impress and POTENCY calves definitely hit the mark.


POTENCY heifer

POTENCY heifer – Evans Angus Farm



POTENCY bull – Evans Angus Farm


POTENCY x TC Freedom 104, RCL Krickes 2641, Sydney Geppert, SD - Recent high selling standout POTENCY bull

POTENCY x TC Freedom 104, RCL Krickes 2641, Sydney Geppert, SD – recent high seller



29AN1774  COMPLEMENT –  Pretty consistently adds some length of spine and improved structure.  Calves have really good feet and legs with added depth of rib and easy fleshing in appearance.  For a +16 CED and negative BW bull he adds above average thickness and a nice look.  Cattle are also very calm and quiet. He offers a lot of mating flexibility for calving ease and added carcass value in a moderate package. 


COMPLEMENT heifer – Evans Angus Farm


Complete Sire Listing

Provided by Katy Kemp, Beef Marketing Specialist

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