It’s Not Too Late!

Has this spring’s weather put off your breeding decisions until later than usual?  Maybe with the changing weather and prices you still haven’t made up your mind?

It’s not too late to talk with your ABS Representative! ABS has the Proven & Promising Special running through June 27th, for discount pricing, and as always, we have the right people to get the job done!

Still not convinced AI is right for you? Check out this video of  a large-scale cow breeding project in South Dakota at Fulton Ranch.  This video was taken in July 2012 while using fixed-time AI on their cow herd. It demonstrates how simple and efficient a large-scale, turn-key AI program really can be.

For more information on Fulton Ranch, you can also re-visit what ABS has done for their breeding program with the Fall 2012 Beef Focal Point, ABS Customer Spotlight article. With ABS, you’re better equipped for better results!

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