End of Season Sorted Special

The newest developments in sex sorted beef semen was the topic for the NAAB Symposium kicking off the annual BIF conference in Oklahoma City last week.  You can view complete presentations and summaries here.

As the beef industry looks to the future there are many applications for this technology including:

  • Rebuilding the cow herd:  as we begin to rebuild the value of females and the ability to selectively breed the best cows for them
  • Bull production: specific matings designed to produce only males and increase the economics of making them
  • Steer production:  as the technology advances look for improvements in price and effective use to become reality as we look at the value separation of feeder steers versus feeder heifers
  • Advanced production schemes:  make only females out of certain cows and maximize the value of remaining calf crop.  We have made compromises too long in pursuit of the perfect cow.

In response to the feedback and topic discussions over sex sorted semen, ABS is offering this limited time special on ABS Sexation products.

End of Season Sexation Special

Download a pdf of the End of Season Sexation Special

Complete Sire Listing

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