2013 ABS Beef Week Rep Roundtable Winners

An elite group of authorized ABS Independent Representatives have earned recognition to participate in up-coming ABS beef week events.

A customer’s local ABS Representative serves an important role for ABS Global, Inc. Each year they are the voice and face of ABS in the field serving customers. Representatives spend countless hours aiding in synchronization, sire selection and providing arm service during breeding season.

To celebrate the hard work and success of the beef division, ABS hosts an annual beef week in July. The last 12 years this celebration has included awarding the top beef representatives for their achievement and dedication by inviting them to participate in beef week and rep roundtable discussions. Selected representatives tour the ABS facilities, meet staff, listen to bull presentations and present their business models for success with the ABS staff and fellow representatives.

2013 ABS Representative Roundtable winners from around the country are listed below. ABS Global congratulates each of these Independent Representatives for their accomplishments and dedicated service they provide.

District Winners:
Dakota Vision Ag Inc., Jared Knock, SD
Cody Washam, MO
Metthew Drebing, VA
Lena Hommertzheim, KS
Mule Creek Cattle Services, Bobby Freeman, GA
Kevin McCarthy, UT
John Kirk III, TX
Peak Performance Genetics, Jennifer Svoboda, NE

High Volume Winners:
Chrisman Cattle Services, Travis Chrisman, NE
Noble Genetics, Adam Noble, CO
Badlands Genetics, Don Nordby, ND
Genetics Plus, David McGlothlin, KY

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