Fall Breeding Season Is Here

It’s that time of year again, fall breeding season! If you’re a fall calver and missed our spring blog series, synchronization Q&A with Dr. Cliff Lamb, here is your chance!

You can get a refresher on the previous series by clicking here. We received such good feed back, we’re opening it up again, and Dr. Lamb has graciously agreed to answer any further questions you have. If you have a synchronization question, here is your chance to get a response from a leading expert on beef cattle reproductive technologies.

Please post any questions in the comment section below by Wednesday, November 20, 2013 and we’ll have Dr. Lamb answer them.

Cliff Lamb, Ph. D , is currently the Assistant Director and Professor at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna, Florida.  He graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science at Middle Tennessee State University. He received his M.S in 1996 and Ph. D. in 1998 at Kansas State University.  As Assistant Director of the North Florida Research and Education Center he oversees one of the largest beef cattle feed efficiency facilities in the world.  Dr. Lamb oversees a research program that focuses on applied reproductive physiology in beef cattle emphasizing efficient management systems for replacement heifers and postpartum cows. A primary research focus has been on the development of practical and economical estrous synchronization protocols for beef cows and heifers. He has also published numerous research articles on the use of ultrasound technology for reproductive management of beef cattle, and has a strong research background in embryo transfer technologies.  He is author of more than 60 refereed journal articles, 3 chapters in texts, and more than 200 presentations and articles in other scientific and popular press.

2 Responses to Fall Breeding Season Is Here

  1. Steve Strubberg DVM says:

    After starting a group of heifers on the 33 day TAI protocol, it was discovered that we need to breed 1 day early. Is it better to remove the CIDR on day 13 or give PGF 15 days(vs 16) after CIDR removal? How much would either change decrease or expected conception rate?

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