Synchronization and AI Questions Answered

December 2, 2013

The other week we asked if you had any additional questions for Dr. Cliff Lamb regarding synchronization.  Below is his response to the question.

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Q.) After starting a group of heifers on the 33 day TAI protocol, it was discovered that we need to breed 1 day early. Is it better to remove the CIDR on day 13 or give PGF 15 days(vs 16) after CIDR removal? How much would either change decrease or expected conception rate?

A.) There is no comparative data to know if there would be a decrease in fertility by limiting the CIDR to 13 days or reducing the interval from CIDR removal to 15 days.  However, I do not believe the fertility will decrease sufficiently with either option in a manner that it is noticeable to a producer.  However, given this scenario, I would elect to reduce the length of the CIDR to 13 days rather than reducing the interval from CIDR removal to PGF to 15 days.


Special thanks to Cliff Lamb and if you have further questions please send them our way and we will get them answered.

Cliff Lamb, Ph. D , is currently the Assistant Director and Professor at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna, Florida.  He graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science at Middle Tennessee State University. He received his M.S in 1996 and Ph. D. in 1998 at Kansas State University.  As Assistant Director of the North Florida Research and Education Center he oversees one of the largest beef cattle feed efficiency facilities in the world.  Dr. Lamb oversees a research program that focuses on applied reproductive physiology in beef cattle emphasizing efficient management systems for replacement heifers and postpartum cows. A primary research focus has been on the development of practical and economical estrous synchronization protocols for beef cows and heifers. He has also published numerous research articles on the use of ultrasound technology for reproductive management of beef cattle, and has a strong research background in embryo transfer technologies.  He is author of more than 60 refereed journal articles, 3 chapters in texts, and more than 200 presentations and articles in other scientific and popular press.


Highlights from Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium 2013

October 22, 2013

Each year the Beef Reproduction Task Force and Beef Reproduction Leadership Team hold conference proceedings to present the latest research and value of synchronization in beef cattle.  Complete list of topics, speakers and summaries can be found here on the ARSBC News Room website (2013).

ABS Global strongly believes in the value of synchronization for beef cattle production and profitability.  A summary of key topics and take home messages follow.

Provided by Matthew Drebing, ABS Representative

  • Fixed-time AI protocols are more reliable than ever, and there really isn’t a good excuse anymore to not utilize AI; time, labor, expense, and lack of facilities can all be overcome
  • Producers have to be 90% accurate in their heat detection to achieve same accuracy of a fixed-time AI protocol
  • A producer can front-load the calving season with fixed-time AI, accounting for up to 38 lbs. difference in weaning weight
  • Errors in frozen semen handling can be more common and costly than handlers consider. Brad Stroud, DVM, Stroud Veterinary Embryo Services, Inc , emphasized the importance of keeping the temperature of straws below -130°C at all times. Each time cells are exposed or re-exposed temperatures higher than -130°C, ice crystals in the cells rearrange, leading to damaged membranes, which increases fertilization failure. Stroud also emphasized exchanging semen and going up and down within the neck of tank increases loss of semen quality. “It can only take 10 seconds in the neck of a half-filled Dewar for the internal temperature of a frozen semen straw to reach -100°C.” Stroud also emphasized the importance of quality semen from reputable large scale bull studs to ensure quality of handling and product.
  • Larry Corah, Vice President of supply development for Certified Angus Beef LLC., highlighted the demand for premium-Choice and Prime is high and changing the market place. Corah also emphasized use of AI with proven genetics can help producers obtain higher quality levels that are capturing premiums
  • Steve Hopkins, Virginia Cooperative Extension, in his talk about “How do I profit from improved reproduction” listed the ability to utilize AI to create uniformity as a way to create value in heifers, cows, and calves
  • Randall Hinshaw, DVM.,  Ashby Embryo, provided additional reasons and support for rectal ultrasound; listing “Why Ultrasound:  more accurate, less invasive, confirm fetal viability, diagnose pregnancy earlier (25 days), diagnose fetal anomalies, understanding follicular dynamics, assess ovarian status before breeding AI

ABS offers expert knowledge to match synchronization systems to best fit your specific needs. You can confidently look to ABS Professionals to assist and help meet your operations’ needs at any herd size.  Contact ABS today to discuss options for your herd.

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ABS Fall Special

September 19, 2013

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HOOVER DAM Daughters in Production

April 11, 2013

HOOVER DAM is a customer favorite widely used for his combination of Calving Ease, Docility, Carcass Merit and $B index.  These EPDs backed by consistent, attractive, sound offspring with added style and muscle have lead HOOVER DAM to being one of the most popular sires in the breed.

HOOVER DAM’s ability to consistently sire high quality cattle is transmitting to his daughters.  With his first females in production, you can add nice, attractive, well balanced udders to his list of customer favorite qualities.

Landi McFarland, Hoover Angus, offers these comments on the daughters’ milking ability, “Personally I think they are average to slightly better on milk.  I think HOOVER DAM could be a +30 Milk bull after he adds more daughters in production to his data, but not upper 30’s.”

ABS Beef Product Manager, Doug Frank, adds this commentary, “In general, HOOVER DAM has been an extremely consistent sire, delivering outstanding calving ease and muscle in an attractive, complete phenotype.  His daughters are extremely docile and slick haired.”

Queen of Ellston K11

Queen of Ellston K11

Queen of Ellston K11, pictured this week at Hoover Angus, is a full sister to the $11,000  Lot 210 HOOVER DAM open heifer sold at Hoover Angus’ 2013 sale.

Don’t miss out on using HOOVER DAM this spring!  Through April 29, 2013 or until supplies run out, HOOVER DAM is available on the April Savings Special for $26/22/20 – price breaks are for retail, 50 unit and 100 unit orders.

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Happy Birthday NEW DESIGN 878!

February 19, 2013

Sunday marked Bon View NEW DESIGN 878‘s 15th birthday!

NEW DESIGN 878 is known for his sure bet customer satisfaction and maternal value.  His reputation for producing highly productive daughters led 878 to the Angus breed’s #1 sire for registrations from 2003 – 2006, the #2 sire for all-time registrations in 2012, and the breed’s five-time #1 PATHFINDER Sire.

NEW DESIGN 878 is sound, youthful and vibrant at 15 years!

To celebrate, ABS is offering a “Birthday Special” on NEW DESIGN 878.  For 15 business days (ending March 4, 2013) ABS will offer the following exclusive pricing:

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NEW DESIGN 878 15 Years


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Order Your Beef Certificates Online!

February 21, 2012

If you are an avid follower of ABS BEEF, you will remember about a month ago we mentioned ABS BEEF had some exciting changes and news  to come for 2012.  

As of today, you can now order Beef AI Certificates online with the NEW ABS Store! 

The new ABS Store features AI Certificates for:  Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Chi-Angus, and Shorthorn.  Each breed lists the most popular bulls for certificate sales at ABS.  If one of the bulls in this list is not what you are looking for, type ANY part of their name into the search box and select the sire you are looking for.

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