Standout Daughters at Express Angus Ranch

June 26, 2013

Before BIF Conference I spent the morning at Express looking through a lot of daughters.

29AN1807 UPSHOT –  In just about every pen with bred heifers, yearlings, and weaned fall calves, UPSHOT is the leading sire group.  If you’re still not sure what kind of impact UPSHOT will have, I’d say Express’ confidence in the number of calves, not just he quality, goes a long way.  The females are broody and big ribbed with length. UPSHOT sons continue to offer high growth and performance with added muscle and stoutness.  I think UPSHOT will offer a little more frame than first anticipated but does it with lots of depth and rib shape – will add power, volume and performance to moderate females.

Broody made and thick UPSHOT bred heifer

Broody made and thick UPSHOT bred heifer

Deep fall weaned UPSHOT heifer

Deep made fall weaned UPSHOT heifer

29AN1827 RITO 6EM3 – Sons have been crowd favorites in recent Express bull sales but the daughters are performing just as nice in the donor battery and as pairs.  The females have picture perfect udders and volume in moderate packages.  Soft ribbed and clean fronted with good structure, and raising calves with volume and performance, 6EM3 daughters have a lot of appeal and longevity to their future. For a double digit CED and negative BW bull, progeny are stout, heavy muscled with a lot of middle to them, no sacrifice on muscle and power here while maintaining a moderate and easy fleshing package.

Spring Calving 6EM3 daughter

Spring Calving RITO 6EM3 daughter

RITO 6EM3 Donor with a deep sided heifer calf at side

6EM3 Donor with a deep sided heifer calf at side

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Provided by Katy Kemp, Beef Marketing Specialist

First MONUMENT Calves Reported

March 14, 2012

An early calving report on 29AN1809 MONUMENT from a breeder in SD.

  • Have the first 5 calves on the ground – with no calving problems
  • Will have a significant number of expected calves to still arrive this spring and later in the fall
  • Report the calves are very vigorous at birth, averaging mid 70’s out of cows
  • Appears he should be a lower birth sire as expected.


“MONUMENT is one of the heaviest muscled, stoutest made Aberdeen sons I have seen.  A different pedigree for a lot of ABS customers being an Aberdeen x Mullen x New Day.  He was a very high performance calf himself and scanned extremely well.  He should be a bull to add some pounds in a lower birth package.”

Click here to view video of MONUMENT

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Provided by: Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager