ABS Hosts South American Beef Tour

October 30, 2013

ABS recently hosted a group of South Americans who toured parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Participants visited influential seedstock and commercial ranches, Kansas State University Meat Lab, and American Angus Association’s headquarters in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Tour Group at Buford Angus Ranch

Tour Group at Buford Angus Ranch

Participants engage in discussions with ABS District Business Manager, Sandra Levering, at Giles Ranch

Participants engage in discussions with ABS District Business Manager, Sandra Levering, at Giles Ranch

Posing for a photo at Kniebel Cattle Company

Posing for a photo at Kniebel Cattle Company

The tour group enjoyed discussions and seminars with a diverse group of industry leaders representing the U.S. beef industry. The tour began at Express Angus Ranch in Oklahoma, making their way to Gardiner Angus Ranch, Sandhill Hereford Farms, Kniebel Red Angus, Houck Rock Simmentals, and Kansas State University. From the Kansas State University Meat Lab, the tour continued through north east Kansas to the American Angus Association headquarters and Circle A Angus Ranch where they learned more about the ABS Global Circle A Sire Alliance program. As the tour concluded through Missouri, they stopped at Joplin Regional Stockyards headed back to Oklahoma with stops at Ratcliff and Buford Ranches.

Stop at Gardiner Angus Ranch

Stop at Gardiner Angus Ranch

Going through ET calves at Fink Beef Genetics

Going through ET calves at Fink Beef Genetics

The tour made a stop at the American Angus office in St. Joesph

The tour made a stop at the American Angus office in St. Joesph, Missouri

ABS is thankful to both tour participants and tour stop hosts for helping make the 2013 South American Beef Tour a success. ABS believes interaction and exchange of cattle production methods across cultures is important for continued growth of the global beef industry. Sharing genetics and management practices can help achieve higher success for international beef demand.

Touring the Kansas State University Meat Lab

Touring the Kansas State University Meat Lab

Going through the Angus Sire Alliance progeny test feedlot at Circle A Ranch

Going through the Angus Sire Alliance progeny test feedlot at Circle A Ranch

In front of Joplin Regional Stockyards

In front of Joplin Regional Stockyards

Touring the working pens and AI facility at Ratcliff Ranches

Touring the working pens and AI facility at Ratcliff Ranches

If you are interested in participating in future ABS Global beef tours, please contact Vasco Beheregaray, Global Beef Brand Manager, at vasco.neto@genusplc.com.



ABS Global Invests in Beef Feed Efficiency Research & Development

October 26, 2012

ABS Global Inc. has acquired an elite group of Angus females backed by three decades of feed efficiency testing and ABS proven genetics.

The cows were acquired through the Wardens Farm Complete Dispersion Sale, held in September near Council Bluffs, Iowa. In addition to feed efficiency selection for the last 30 years, the Wardens Farm program has emphasized calving ease, carcass merit and overall performance. Dr. Duane Warden, M.D., owner of Warden Farms, is recognized as a leader in measuring individual intake since installing his first Pinpointer intake monitoring system in 1982. Warden’s program has produced ABS and industry leaders Ironwood NEW LEVEL, 4 POINT 8 of Ironwood, Ironwood INNOVATOR and Ironwood NEW ERA, whose conversion on test was an astounding 2.29 pounds of feed per pound of gain.

The group of two-year-old cows acquired include daughters of proven ABS Angus Sire Alliance Feed Efficiency standouts, 4 POINT 8, DAYBREAK, ALLIANCE I87, FORESIGHT and EXTRA K205. Many of these females have multiple generations of individual intake data and selection for efficiency. As a group, they posted an adjusted feed-to-gain ratio 25 percent better than their contemporaries, had an average Residual Feed Intake (RFI) of -2.54, and rank in the top 25 percent of the Angus breed for RADG (residual average daily gain) EPD (expected progeny difference).

Wardens Blackcap 187 0354

ABS selected these females to advance our research and product development specifically in the area of feed efficiency, states Doug Frank, ABS Global U.S. beef product manager. “They are a valuable addition to our long term commitment to progeny testing for intake and efficiency through the Angus Sire Alliance.”

The ABS Angus Sire Alliance is a comprehensive progeny test of ABS Angus sires in a commercial, real world environment from birth to harvest. The 15-year program is an exclusive agreement between ABS and Circle A Ranch, that continues to identify industry leading sires for efficiency and real world profit.

“I think the greatest part of the purchase is ABS’ willingness to take a risk like no other company by investing for the future and believing in the value of feed efficiency to continue our 30-plus years of research,” said Warden.

In future planning, the investment furthers research and development efforts to strengthen the ABS genetic offering. Adding value from the pasture to the plate and quality throughout the beef supply chain are top priorities.

“ABS Global is striving to identify and further develop not only improved genetics for efficiency but overall industry profitability to assist our customers in providing protein to a rapidly growing world population,” adds Frank. “This is consistent with the ABS vision of Pioneering Animal Genetic Improvement to Help Nourish the World. ABS congratulates and thanks Dr. Warden for his pioneering work in the area of feed efficiency; the company appreciates the opportunity to further the testing and development of these elite genetics.”

ABS Beef Website


September Sales Strong for ABS Sired Progeny

October 5, 2012

The fall sales season is underway and prices are remaining robust for leading genetics. The reported average of 5 different Angus bull sales within the last two weeks is around $3,900.

ABS sired progeny have been well represented and sold for above average premiums at recent sales.

COMPLETE is a proven sire in the lineup.  He adds performance, carcass merit and phenotype in an outcross package with exceptional $B Value.  Recent high sellers:

  • The top selling female, Lot 1 – EXAR Blackcap 5879 at Spruce Mountain Ranch brought $40,000 for ½ interest
  • 2nd High selling bull at Vintage Angus Ranch, V A R Complete 1209 for $17,000
  • Kirkes Black Angus Ranch: 3Rd High selling bull, K BAR Complete 461 for $5,250; Top Bred Heifer, K BAR Complete 361 for $3,500; Top Bred Cow, K BAR Complete 3670 for $3,100
  • 4th High selling bull at Gardiner Angus Ranch Bull Sale, G A R Complete N5211 for $11,000 

COMPLETE x TRAVELER 044, EXAR Blackcap 5879

FRONTMAN continues to sire high selling, high demand progeny.  He is moderate, heavy muscled with excellent feet and legs. His strong CED, negative BW, and unique pedigree make FRONTMAN a ‘go to’ sire for many breeders.  Recent high sellers:

  • Trowbridge Angus & Guests: Top 2 Bred Heifers, Trowbridge Sara 1304 for $6,500 and Trowbridge Sara 1206 for $6,500

FRONTMAN x B C C Bushwacker 41-93, Trowbridge Sara 1304

BRILLIANCE is a no miss calving ease sire that doesn’t sacrifice muscle and eye appeal. His progeny have excelled in the show ring and sell for premiums.  Beyond the show ring his moderate frame, deep ribbed and beautiful uddered females are making a name for themselves in commercial settings.  Recent high sellers:

  • 2nd High selling Top Open Heifer at Rendezvous at Rocking R, BDR Lilly 553, for $5,750
  • Top Open Heifer at Genetic Opportunity Sale, Grubbs Miss Rosetta 32, for $4,500

RITO REVENUE is one of ABS’ leading Angus Sire Alliance bulls whose moderate and heavy muscled progeny have built a strong demand.  He combines breed leading MARB and REA EPDs with extra muscle,  fleshing ability and improved feed efficiency.   Recent high sellers:

  • Lot 13 at Riverbend Ranch Genetic Edge Females Sale,  Riverbend Blackcap Y1027 for $19,000
  • Lot 25 at Riverbend Ranch Genetic Edge Female Sale, Riverbend Rita Y099 for $8750

RITO REVENUE x OBJECTIVE, Riverbend Blackcap Y1027

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs

29AN1845 NEW ERA Now Available

September 7, 2012

Improving feed efficiency and feedlot performance has never been more relevant or talked about in the beef industry.

ABS is excited to release Ironwood NEW ERA 1560  

29AN1845 NEW ERA

Potential Game Changer for Efficiency

Unique bull combining nearly 30 years of documented and focused selection for feed efficiency with truly remarkable individual intake and gain data

Dominated on test gaining 50% more than his contemporaries with 13% less intake (5.56 ADG and -5.60 RFI)

Posted an incredible adjusted Feed:Grain ratio of 2.229:1

Strong overall performance with 119 WW ratio, 120 YW, 109 IMF, 104 REA and 74 Rib Fat ratio

Dam has been rock solid with 4 BR 101, 3 YR 109, 3 IMF at 120 and calving interval of 4 @ 351 days

Complete Sire Listing and EPDs Available Here