First GRAND STATEMENT Calves Impressive at Weaning


29AR0245 GRAND STATEMENT, is a high performance, young Red Angus sire in the ABS lineup.  His first set of calves were recently weaned at Gill Red Angus in SD.  If you haven’t taken a good look at this impressive sire, now is the time.


Data from Gill Red Angus on February & March 2012 bull calves:

  • Average BW: 87 lbs
  • Average WW: 641 lbs
  • Average age at Weaning: 194 days
  • ADG on Cow: 2.86 lbs
  • Average Age of Dam: 6 yrs

“As of today, we really like the GRAND STATEMENT calves.  They look to be the real soggy type and all of them seem to have a little extra depth of rib to them while standing real wide as well.  He really stamps his look into them.  For us, his calves came the right size and weaned off quite heavy.  If they keep going like this over the winter, we feel his sons will be really easy to sell.  His daughters look real nice as well and have that easy keeping look to them.  It will be a while before we get them into production, but we are excited by what we are seeing so far.  GRAND STATEMENT himself gained weight over the breeding season while running with 45 cows on 320 acres in a drought year.  Plus he is really sound on his feet and legs.”  – Bryan Gill

GRAND STATEMENT son at Gill Red Angus, weaned September 18, 2012, WW 670 lbs


Complete Sire Listing and EPDs


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