CUNIA is this week’s “Name that Beef Bull” Answer

This week’s “Name that Beef Bull” question will again visit the “Exotic Era.” This sire, imported from from France, is widely known as a Foundation sire to the current Maine-Anjou breed and Club Calf Industry. Can you guess the name of this bull?   –   29MA003  (22603)  CUNIA 53 69 123 565 

  • Born in France in 1969, CUNIA, was the 3rd Maine-Anjou bull imported to the ABS line-up.  Heavy selection influence on CUNIA was placed on his predicted calving ease ability.  During the height of the “Exotic Era” mating larger European bred bulls to the smaller British lines in the U.S. created calving difficulties.  When comparing progeny test results to other imported Maine-Anjou bulls, ease of calving was CUNIA’s strongest attribute.
  • Beyond his calving ease, perhaps CUNIA’s notoriety extends today most prevalent in the Club Calf Industry.  Originally a dual purpose breed, the Maine-Anjou’s breed characteristics of muscling and size appealed to many.  CUNIA seemed to “break the mold” of the typical Maine-Anjou, siring moderate sized progeny with improvement in length and uniformity.  CUNIA later became known as a maternal legend, producing easy feeding, stylish, heavy muscled cattle for the show ring and pasture.
  • Maine-Anjou and Club Calf breeders alike easily realized the value of CUNIA and long after his death continued to intentionally line breed CUNIA offspring to maximize his influence in subsequent generations.  Descendants of this foundation sire are still in production and high demand thus solidifying the importance of CUNIA on the Beef Industry.

29MA0003 CUNIA

Bred by: Robert Bouvet, Laigne, France.  Leased from Arther Wells, Marsden, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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