HOOVER DAM Daughters in Production

HOOVER DAM is a customer favorite widely used for his combination of Calving Ease, Docility, Carcass Merit and $B index.  These EPDs backed by consistent, attractive, sound offspring with added style and muscle have lead HOOVER DAM to being one of the most popular sires in the breed.

HOOVER DAM’s ability to consistently sire high quality cattle is transmitting to his daughters.  With his first females in production, you can add nice, attractive, well balanced udders to his list of customer favorite qualities.

Landi McFarland, Hoover Angus, offers these comments on the daughters’ milking ability, “Personally I think they are average to slightly better on milk.  I think HOOVER DAM could be a +30 Milk bull after he adds more daughters in production to his data, but not upper 30’s.”

ABS Beef Product Manager, Doug Frank, adds this commentary, “In general, HOOVER DAM has been an extremely consistent sire, delivering outstanding calving ease and muscle in an attractive, complete phenotype.  His daughters are extremely docile and slick haired.”

Queen of Ellston K11

Queen of Ellston K11

Queen of Ellston K11, pictured this week at Hoover Angus, is a full sister to the $11,000  Lot 210 HOOVER DAM open heifer sold at Hoover Angus’ 2013 sale.

Don’t miss out on using HOOVER DAM this spring!  Through April 29, 2013 or until supplies run out, HOOVER DAM is available on the April Savings Special for $26/22/20 – price breaks are for retail, 50 unit and 100 unit orders.

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