2015 ABS Photo Contest

March 12, 2015

Its time again for the annual ABS Global photo contest!

Do you have an eye for cattle and pictures? ABS is searching for outstanding photos to use in promotional materials, including but not limited to the yearly calendar, posters, brochures and company website. We want to see your best cattle photos. Calving, branding, feeding, working pens, moving pastures, around the farm, and pasture shots – we like them all. So grab your camera, snap away, and send us your best.

Submission deadline is May 31, 2015

Complete rules and submission form found here.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these favorites from previous entries.

"Working Cattle on a Beautiful Fall Day" by Becky Harrell

“Working Cattle on a Beautiful Fall Day” by Becky Harrell


“Summer Roundup” by Vasco Beheregary Neto

“Summer Roundup” by Vasco Beheregary Neto

R.A. Brown Ranch Donors on Summer Bermuda

R.A. Brown Ranch Donors on Summer Bermuda

"Cowboy Sunset" by Ricardo Arias, NM

“Cowboy Sunset” by Ricardo Arias, NM

Note: All entries must be high resolution and submitted through the online form.

Spring 2015 Beef Sire Directory

January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is looking like a new era of opportunity for the beef industry.

With strong consumer demand, tight supplies and record prices, the beef industry is entering a new era of growth and unprecedented opportunity. Position your herd to make the most of these exciting times with AI and ABS genetics.

Our Spring 2015 Beef Sire Directory is at the printer, but you can get a first look online here.



Highlights of this issue:

  • New spring EPDs
  • Spring 2015 ABS and Circle A Sire Alliance data and progeny measurements
  • Profit-driven genetics with proven, real-world results
  • Spring 2015 Specials – with increased demand this spring take advantage of these industry-leading specials before supplies run out

Stop by and visit us if you will be in Denver for the NWSS. This year ABS will have our usual booth on the hill located under the arena stands, and a booth in the yards! Come by and see us at both locations for a hot cup of coffee and learn more about the 6 ways ABS and AI can help improve efficiency and profit in 2015. While you’re there take spin on the ABS prize wheel for some exciting prizes.

Complete Sire Listing

Early Spring Specials

December 22, 2014

Start planning for 2015 now! With only a few days left in 2014, take advantage of early spring specials while inventory is still strong on high-demand sires.

The Spring Specials feature ABS Global’s best lineup of bulls ever –  both in terms of quality and quantity.

The Early Spring Angus Special includes 18 bulls, featuring a combination of proven breed leaders backed by ABS’ exclusive Sire Alliance data and some of the most exciting up-and-coming sires in the industry. The added-value Sire Alliance data brings, especially from a feed efficiency perspective, is unmatched in the industry.

  • The Early Spring Simmental Special has been expanded to include 12 bulls highlighting key, proven sires as well as several elite, young bulls.  This group is especially strong from a purebred standpoint led by SURE BET, YELLOWSTONE, AFTER SHOCK and ALL TIME.
  • The Proven and Promising Special has also been expanded and includes proven “go to” sires like NEW DESIGN 878, BRILLIANCE and FINAL PRODUCT along with exciting first-calf-crop bulls including UP RIVER, SUBSTANTIAL and PROTOCOL.

Download a PDF copy of the Spring Special here


SPRING15_BEEF_SD_Specials (web)

Remember short supply bulls can be removed from the Special at any time. Stay tuned for updates and order early.


DJANGO Now Available through ABS

October 16, 2014

ABS Global now has semen on 129MA3519 DJANGO




  • THF / PHAF
  • I-80 x HEADLINER

Contact your local ABS Representative to order, or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.


Complete Sire Listing

Fall 2014 Focal Point Online

September 26, 2014

The Fall 2014 Beef Focal Point is now online. Mailed copies should arrive soon, be checking your mail next week.

Highlights in this issue:

  • NEW Fall Special  – ends November 21, 2014
  • NEW Proven & Promising special – ends November 21, 2014
  • ABS Spotlight – The ABS Representative and commitment to Pasture to Plate Genetics and Service
  • Lots of exciting new photos and support photos
  • Angus data reflects the recent Angus Genomic Re-Calibration



Fall Angus Genomic Recalibration

September 25, 2014

The Sept. 19 Genetic Evaluation reflected the third re-calibration of Genomic information into Angus EPDs. The number of animals used in the training population increased by 47% since the 2013 re-calibration.Heifer Pregnancy EPDs were updated, which had been static since May.  In addition to Heifer Pregnancy, Carcass Weight and Mature Weight were the traits that changed the most.

The overall results were very good, we’ve put together some highlights of the re-calibration for ABS sires:




  • This Calving Ease Sire got even better and is now the Absolute Industry Leader
  • Increased to +15 for Calving Ease EPD and +36 for Docility
  • Added 15 pounds for Carcass Weight EPD while also improving for MARB & REA
  • His overall $B Index improved to $107.70
  • He is among an elite group of bulls that exceed +$50 $W and +$100 $B
  • He is #1 among that group for Calving Ease EPD
  • His Top 1% progeny efficiency data is a significant added benefit that is not reflected in his Angus EPDs






  • Checkout his recent photo!
  • Improved from +9 to +12 CED
  • Also increased to $107.20 for $B Index with a 5 pound jump in Carcass Weight




  • Double digit Calving Ease with a Top 5 Sire Alliance Total Profit Index
  • Improved by $4 for both $W and $B Indexes




  • Moved from +14 to +17 CED
  • Improved 10 points for Docility EPD from -14 to -4
  • His Sire Alliance carcass data and recalibration has moved him up nearly $10 for $B to $87.47



29AN1895 PAYWEIGHT 1682

  • Improved from +11 to +15 CED
  • +69 WW and +114 YW in a moderate, massive phenotypic package
  • Among an elite group of sires that exceed +50 $W ($54.14)and +100 $B ($102.02)






  • NEW photo!
  • His first progeny are turning heads and improving his calving ease potential
  • Improved to +14 CED and gained 4 pounds to +103 YW EPD
  • His overall $B Index went up $6 to $109.68




  • Increased by $8 for $B Index to $109.95
  • Remains the #1 bull in the breed for $W Index increasing another $4 to $84.82
  • Also ranks #1 in the breed for both WW (+116) and YW (+172) EPDs
  • The genomic recalibration improved his carcass traits across the board






  • NEW photo!
  • Ranks #3 for both WW EPD and YW EPD among all active sires
  • Also ranks #5 for $F and among the top 20 bulls for $B Index



  • Top 10 Sire for Heifer Pregnancy EPD
  • $52.96 $W and $92.60 $B Index



29AN1827 RITO 6EM3



  • Dropped 16 pounds for Mature Weight which improved his $EN to +$14.38 and his $W by $11 to $53.25
  • His daughters continue to impress as mature cows with beautiful udders




  • Joins ABSOLUTE in the exclusive +$50 $W and +100 $B Club
  • He’s #2 in that group behind former ABS Sire PRECISION 1023 for $EN Index at $7.64
  • Also ranks in the top 20% for $EN Index
  • #4 on the Main Sire list for Marbling EPD at +1.65



Complete Sire Listing

ABS Hosts 2014 South American Beef Tour

September 9, 2014

ABS Global hosted a group of South American beef producers touring ranches, universities and prominent beef industry professionals in the heart of U.S. beef country throughout Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Tour Group at JBS

Tour Group at JBS

This exclusive ABS led tour focused on exposing successful beef practices and feed efficiency data to prominent beef producers and cattle breeders in South America. The 37 participants of this year’s tour represented more than 140,000 beef cows in various regions of South America.

The group visited with and toured Sandpoint Cattle Company in Nebraska

The group visited with and toured Sandpoint Cattle Company in Nebraska

This year marked the seventh consecutive year for the tour, covering 13 tour stops at ranches, universities, and visiting with industry leaders. The participants interacted, visited with and learned from prominent US cattlemen and women.

Looking at spring pairs at Connealy Angus

Looking at spring pairs at Connealy Angus

Tour stops included visiting Connealy Angus in Whitman, Neb., Sandpoint Cattle Company in Lodgepole, Neb., JBS in Kansas, Hueftle Cattle Company in Cozad, Neb., Colorado State University and the Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb. Participants also attended seminars on feed efficiency data with Powerline, and reproduction technology with Dr. Rick Funston, Beef Reproductive Physiology Specialist with the University of Nebraska.

Viewing ABS bred progeny at Hueftle Red Angus

Viewing ABS bred progeny at Hueftle Red Angus

ABS is thankful to both tour participants and tour stop hosts for helping make the 2013 South American Beef Tour a success. ABS believes interaction and exchange of cattle production methods across cultures is important for continued growth of the global beef industry. Sharing genetics and management practices can help achieve higher success for international beef demand.

Viewing and learning about Bill Rishel's Angus program

Viewing and learning about Bill Rishel’s Angus program

If you are interested in participating in future ABS Global beef tours, please contact Vasco Beheregaray Neto, Global Beef Brand Manager, at vasco.neto@genusplc.com.